How Can I Transfer My Domain Name?


How can I transfer my domain name?


Is your domain name already registered under a different registrar?

Follow the steps below to transfer your domain name to Empowering Media.

  1. Order the domain name on our web site

    Transferring a domain name to Empowering Media adds one year on to the current registration term. You do not have to wait until your domain name is about to expire at another registrar. No time is lost due to the transfer process.

  2. An Email will be sent from Empowering Media to the current administrative contact for the domain name. This Email will contain a URL, the domain name, and a password. The administrative contact must go to the given URL and enter the domain name and password to approve the transfer.

    If you do not receive the request to approve the transfer within 24 hours, please contact us.

    If you do not have access to the Email address of the current administrative contact, listed in the Domain Search Tool, you must update the address BEFORE requesting the transfer. ContactTechnical Support if you require assistance with this process.

  3. Once the transfer is approved, it is sent to the current registrar for their approval. Depending on the registrar, this step can take up to 7 business days.


  4. If the former registrar does not oppose the transfer, it will be completed and the domain will be registered under Empowering Media/OpenSRS. The domain will be registered for the time remaining under the former registrar, plus the year added with the transfer.

NOTE: A domain name must have been registered for at least 61 days in order for a transfer to be successful.

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